Marketing & Sales Management

Marketing is the art of understanding your marketplace and delivering the message of the value-proposition to your consumers, customers, vendors, partners, and employees in a way that encourages trial of your products and promotes repeat high-margin sales.

Sales involve orchestrating the movement of those products and services through the supply chain effectively and efficiently so that your consumers and customers constantly receive more value than they expect.

Bella Carlo’s marketing practices start with research and analysis into the marketplace, which provide insights into proper strategies and tactics, effective advertising and promotional activities and good organizational structure.

Bella Carlo manages sales one SKU and customer at a time based on a plan that includes sales and channel management, order management, customer service, business development and performance benchmarks.

Corporate Image and Branding
Firms often need to create or re-do a corporate image and brand that capture and communicate the vision and mission, and generates trust among its current and prospective customers, vendors, and employees and differentiates the business from the competition. We pride ourselves in the creativity and analysis that goes into the development of the image and brand.

Bella Carlo's services include, but are not limited to, logos and stationery, company profiles, collateral materials, websites, vehicle livery, and packaging solutions. Our design team helps small and large business create a unique message.

If you are interested in any of the marketing and sales services, please call Juan C. Batista at 831-484-1152 or via email at Thank you.