Financial Analysis & Modeling

Bella Carlo believes a good business story can (and should) be translated into financial information (“the numbers”) because the numbers provide management a major tool to help manage the business according to the plan and therefore successfully.

Our financial analysis and modeling capabilities cover the criteria by which businesses are evaluated from all parties involved, e.g., investors, lenders, managers, vendors, customers, and (potential) buyers. 

Bella Carlo’s financial models include historical, current and pro forma information on profits and loses, tax liabilities, assets, liabilities, owners’ equity, cash flows, employment compensations, alternative terms on debt, lenders’ covenants, sequential rounds of financing and ratio analyses.

Select examples of where the financial model proved insightful include:

  • The model was used to estimate the amount of capital needed by a company to support its projected growth. The estimate and the uses of the capital were submitted by the business to several banks in support of their loan application.
  • Bankers use the model to understand the business and evaluate a loan application for debt financing to purchase select assets of a business.
  • An estate-planning attorney used the model as part of the valuation and succession process for his client.
  • The tax consequences on a businesses were estimated by an accountant using the model and these estimates supported his recommendations to re-organize the company for the benefit of the owners.
  • A private equity group used the model to estimate the returns on their investment and the value of their ownership in the company.
  • An attorney hired Bella Carlo to opine on the losses sustained by a business from allegedly caused by wrong doings by one of its vendors. Bella Carlo’s opinion was formed from a financial analysis of the business supported by the model.

If you are interested in modeling and/or analyzing your financial performance, please call Mark A. Parreira at 916-600-7454 or via email at Thank you