Trade Management

The advantage of Bella Carlo's trade services is our extensive experience throughout the world. Bella Carlo shares its international expertise in legal, financial, marketing and sales, which allows our clients to leverage their resources as they expand and/or diversify their international reach.

Our staff can assist you navigate the bureaucratic entanglements and mitigate the frustrations that can accompany trading across national borders. The following list exemplifies some of the services we provide in the international arena.

  • Legal, financial and marketing expertise,
  • Business alliances, distribution, and sales leads,
  • Fee-based research and market insights,
  • Translation into and from native language so that the meaning as well as intent of the message is not lost in translation,
  • Locating distributors, customers and/or investments opportunities,
  • A thorough understanding of the economic and political environments of various countries,
  • Commercial analysis and diagnosis including the cultural aspects of doing business in other countries, government stability and legal matters,
  • Market analysis for particular products and forecasts for your company and the competition,
  • Assistance to develop your companies' export / import organizational structure, evaluation of your companies' export abilities / capabilities and pricing structure,
  • Negotiation assistance and representation,
  • Assistance in obtaining licenses, certificates, and/or legal labeling requirements in order to penetrate the global marketplace.

If you are interested in trade management, please call Mark A. Parreira at 831-484-1152 or via email at Thank you.