Investment Theses & Strategy

Investment Theses:

In general terms, Bella Carlo believes there are three investment theses that offer upside opportunities for small- to medium-sized companies in food and agriculture.  They are simply summarized as:

  1. Big brands in small categories,
  2. Good for you and tastes great, and
  3. Good products and sales but little marketing effort.

We like to invest in firms that fit into one or more of these.  We would appreciate greatly getting the firm’s contact information.  Please call 831-484-1152 or email Thank you.

Investment Strategy:

Bella Carlo’s investment strategy focuses on serving privately owned, small to middle-market companies. Our resources and our affiliates invest to facilitate growth plans, management buyouts, capital restructuring, turnarounds and bankruptcy reorganizations. As operators and entrepreneurs, we provide both financial and human capital to enhance enterprise value. A typical investment candidate will have annual revenues ranging from $10 million to $70 million and will be focused on food, agriculture, manufacturing, and distribution.

Our investment strategy has three basic components:

  1. Invest in firms that benefit from sound fundamental management practices.

    There are significant economic returns available to those investors in smaller firms that can recognize and harness the power of business metrics and information systems.  We invest where we can complement the operational talents of existing management.  We spend significant amount of time in developing corporate strategy, determining appropriate business benchmarks, supporting management teams and systems, and monitoring performance. Our experience continues to support our belief that a firm that benefits from the fundamentals also offers superior returns and results that benefit customers, employees, vendors, lenders, management, owners and investors.
  2. Define and promote sustainability.

    We have found that when key employees, management and partners are: a) equipped with appropriate action plans, systems and capital and b) are offered a fair incentive for superior results, then predictable superior results occur.
  3. Invest in partnership with management.

    We seek opportunities where management has a collaborative approach in building its business. Fundamental teamwork typically occurs only when management interests are closely aligned with investor interests through meaningful equity ownership and performance-based equity incentives. We believe seasoned, talented, and committed management teams with financial incentives are the best way to build shareholder wealth.